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masagrande τελευταία νίκη Ιούνιος 26

masagrande είχε τα περισσότερα "Μου αρέσει"

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    eVic Primo mini-istick 50w-eVic vtc mini-vtrs p222w.
    ΑΜΜΙΤ-berserker-Siren 25mm-Exprom. V3 Fire
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  1. Easy Use And Carry Starter Kit- Smoant S8 Pod

    Hello vapers!
    Today i'll introduce you a good use Starter Kit Smoant S8 Pod
    Smoant S8 Pod System Starter Kit is the newest and innovative pod kit from Smoant. Designed with ergonomic and dependability in-mind, the Smoant S8 is fully constructed with a 316 Stainless Steel body with the industry's top press and laser technology for 360° seamless link. The internal pod cartridge can hold up maxmium 2ml to your favorite vape juice, refilled via removing the magnetized door. What's more, the s8kit integrates with an internal rechargeable lithium battery convenient charged via microUSB port. Smoant S8 will change your vaping this time.

    1. Compact buttonless operation
    2. 31 rounds of testing, excellent flavor
    3. Aire swith, I.E.suction and heating
    4. 370mah sustained and stable
    5. 6 Security Protections
    6. Smoant S8 Refilling Tips

    Size: 86.6mm(H) *48mm(L) *12.8mm(W)
    Battery capacity: 370mAh
    Pod capacity: 2ml
    Coil resistance: 1.3ohm
    Outout: 3.3V-3.4V
    Charging: 5V/0.5A
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